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Equipment and techniques have changed so much over the last 3 years. The times of negotiating a bank loan to purchase 300 rolls of film before going on assignment are now gone… Now you need a much bigger bank loan to upgrade computers and cameras every two years to keep up with the latest technology... I have used Nikon gear  since my first FM2 a while back. In those days, the instruction manual was 45 odd pages, including French, German and Japanese chapters... I now work with Nikon D2X and D100 bodies, I also have F5 and F4 bodies but they are not being used as much... with pretty much all the lenses that Nikon makes from 12mm to 400mm. When I shoot film, I will use a mix of Velvia, Provia and Ektachrome film depending on subject.

Underwater work is used with Nikonos RS system and D100 in Aquatica housings with Sea & Sea and Subal strobes.

I also work with medium film format with my old trusted Pentax 67, a real brute to carry with all the lenses but still does a good job. Tripods are Manfrotto and Slik and I also walk around with a collection of Lowepro bags, from back packs to '8 feet long' rollies that handle all the portable studio spreads and bounces along with Bowens heads.

Everything is recorded digitally on SanDisk cards 1Gbs and backed up on I-Book Macintosh while I am on the road. At the office, I work on a G4, backed up with a 1T LaCie External HD. I suspect the next bank loan will be negotiated soon with a G5 and a Macbook Pro but for now all works well so... All printers and scanners are Epson and they work fantastic...

The softwares used are pretty much the same as everybody from Microsoft Office Suite for paper work and Photoshop CS-2 which I have yet to get a good handle on (if one does ever...) DAM is done via Extensis Portfolio, the images are then backed up on 2 sets of DVDs and on the external hard drive.

So…pretty simple really, Apple, Nikon, Epson...