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Maritime Gallery hosts an 18 meter long skeleton of a Fin whale.
One of New Zealand's most endangered bird, the native parrot Kakapo.
Our native symbol, the kiwi bird with, in the background, the now extinct Giant Moa.
A meter high wooden suspension hook from New Guinea.
Entrance to the South Pacific Islands collection.
...or Earth Mother and Sky Father.

In 2004, Dunedin author Neville peat and I worked on a book on the Otago Museum, documenting it's history since the early 1860's and the incredible wealth of artifacts stored in the many wings of the building. It was a challenge for me since 90% of the museum collection was stored in glass cases that could not be opened.All I could think was thank god for the age of digital because I would have lost my shirt in Polaroids with flash bouncing all over. The book was photographed in less than two very intensive weeks through public hours and school programs. Nobody tripped on the extension cords.