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Quebec City municipal police officer talking on walkie-talkie.
Walkie-Talkies being issued to troops before the summit start.
All emergency vehicles in a radius of 80 km were put on standby during the Summit.
One of the telecom centers monitoring the flow of cell towers and radio communications.
Quebec Provincial Police officers on random check point using radio telecom.
The first tear gas volley at 9:30 AM on the first morning. Security forces averaged over 200 canisters per hour of the Summit.
Riot police encountered serious dehydration due to unusual hot spring weather and having to wear riot gear for long periods of time. Most communications were done through radio network.
Squad moving in to push back demonstrators from the main conference center prior to President Bush arrival.

April 2001. Quebec City hosted the Summit of the Americas where 34 heads of state attended the 3-day conference focusing on free trade. Historic Old Quebec was turned into a walled fortress and tens of thousands of demonstrators were intent on making sure their views would be heard. More than 6,000 police and 1,200 military personnel were present to hold back protesters outside the 3.8 kilometer chain-link fence. They ran out of tear gas on the first night and had to send a C-130 Hercules to get fresh stock on that same night... I was present as official photographer covering the use of communications during the summit for Bell Canada&.I did learn a lot about tear gas!