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Over 2500 temples and archaeological sites dating from the 12th century remain in an area of less than 30 square kilometres.
Inle Lake villagers compete in a traditional long boat race. Over 40 to 50 rowers take place on each boat and row with one leg wrapped around the oar.
The dome is supposed to be gilded with over 3 tons of gold leaf donated by the people.
An enterprising young boy holding his cat wearing make up and tanaka for tourists to take his picture for a small donation.
Buddha statue carvers and polishers at work in Mandalay.

Also called Burma, this country remains my favourite in all South East Asia. Despite all the political problems and economic embargoes, Burmese manage to retain a Buddhist attitude that tomorrow will be better and if not, well, there's always the next day. They live in poverty under a harsh dictatorship and yet, the way they treat visitors with a smile and with such dignity is a lesson in life. The country is one of those 'time capsules' where time stands still, all of Myanmar neighbours are moving ahead at a furious pace, this one however is not going anywhere soon. I have been to Myanmar many times over the last 7 years and do not believe economic sanctions have made any effects under the current military regime. This country needs a new diplomatic approach.